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Toshiba Air Conditioning Plenums

Duct-IN manufacture Toshiba compatible air conditioning plenum boxes compatible with the full range of Toshiba ducted fan coil units.

The plenum BTP range is becoming more and more common having supplied on a regular basis.

 Duct-IN, engineer galvanised steel plenums to the highest standard. Plenums conform to DW144, perfect for the engineer and the architect’s needs. 

The galvanised construction ensures they are suitable for high use areas and have the added aesthetic benefit of looking beautiful with open ceilings, allowing you to maximise every inch of your environment. a popular trend with architects these days. 

Available options to customers include top, bottom, either side entry discharge or return, the diameter of the spigots and choose either round or oval spigots. 

You can choose to lag internally or externally to prevent moisture build-up and have sound-deadening properties. Perfect for more challenging environmental conditions. 

Embrace the look with the range of colours offered. Use our powder-coating service to bring colour matching to your projects, blend your Toshiba compatible plenum to other HVAC services and satisfy your clients colour coordination and needs.

When you’re looking for plenums that come with a range of options at such an affordable cost with superior performance, then Duct-In plenums is the decision for you. 

Order your Duct-In plenum today by giving us a call or offering us your details on our website!