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LG Air Conditioning Plenums

Duct-In introduces innovative LG Air Conditioning plenum boxes engineered to DW144 specification to complete your project without complications. 

Select top, bottom, either side entry discharge or return and specify the diameter of your spigot for the best fit. Available with either rounded or oval spigots for your LG plenum. 

Either internally or externally lagged to prevent moisture build-up, with added sound-deadening properties features that suit your environment. 

Do you want the freedom of open ceilings within your project? It’s an effective use of available high ceiling space. Duct-In LG AC plenums will provide the industrial look and feel you’re looking for with the bonus galvanised strength. The aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional ABS plastic plenums. 

With a touch of colour of coordination, Duct-IN can provide a powder coating service, allowing your plenums to be any colour required by a client. Blend your plenum colouring with other HVAC services and make it more aesthetically pleasing for the client and your project. 

With multiple options for our customers and owners who have years of experience, this makes Duct-IN the dedicated air conditioning plenum manufacturer on the market.


Multi-Split Air Conditioning- Supply & Return Air Plenums

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