Spiral Fittings

Duct-IN supply a broad range of spiral tube fittings for air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Fittings available include: Bends, tees, reducers, couplers, end caps and much more. 

If there is something you can’t see listed, just contact one of our friendly team who will be happy to help.

Roof Cowls
Flat Boots
Curved Boots
Pressed Saddle
Curved Access Doors
Flashing Kits
Reducers (Vent) 100-500mm
End Caps M+F (Vent) 100-500mm
Couplers M+F (Vent) 100-500mm
90 Degree Tee (Vent) 100-500mm
15 Degree Bend B15 (Vent) 100-500mm
30 Degree Bend B30 (Vent) 100-500mm
45 Degree Bend B45 (Vent) 100-500mm
60 Degree Bend B60 (Vent) 100-500MM
90 Degree Bend B90 (Vent) 100-500mm