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MHI Air Conditioning Plenums

Mitsubishi Heavy Industry (MHI)

Duct-IN manufacture air conditioning plenum boxes compatible with the full range of Mitsubishi Heavy Industry (MHI) ducted fan coil units. 

Duct-In MHI Air Conditioning Plenum boxes are suitable for a variety of residential to commercial applications. Our Plenums prevent condensation protecting the air conditioning unit from noise and moisture build-up. Choosing your preference for internal/external lagging improves your plenum for more challenging environmental conditions. 

Our galvanised steel plenums are engineered to the highest standard to conform to DW144, perfect for your project specifications. The MHI Plenum box can be used in both open ceilings and drop ceiling applications to offer maximum versatility. 

Available options to customers include top, bottom, either side entry discharge or return, the diameter of the spigots and choose either round or oval spigots. 

Impress your clients with the range of colours offered. Use our powder-coating service to bring colour matching to your projects, blend your MHI plenum to other HVAC services and satisfy your clients colour coordination and needs.

Duct-In’s attention to detail makes your satisfaction guaranteed, and the quality of our products has made us the preferred choice of MHI professionals.

They love our plenums for their high quality and reasonable price, making Duct-In plenums is the decision for you. 

Order your Duct-In plenum today!