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Daikin Air Conditioning Plenums

The popular Daikin plenum box manufactured to suit the complete range of Daikin ducted fan models. 

The Daikin plenum is a critical component of a ducted fan coil unit, directing the airflow through the plenum space between the ceiling and the floor below.

Daikin FXDQ range is our best selling plenum used on a multitude of commercial project all across the UK. 

Our plenums confirm DW144, meeting the rigorous standards of the engineer and architect. Our range of Dakin plenum boxes includes top, bottom, either side entry discharge or return. Select the diameter of the plenum spigot you need and opt for round or oval spigots.

We offer internal or external lagging to dampen sounds and reduce the consequences of moisture build-up. 

For your clients with a keen eye for coordination, we offer a powder-coated colour range, allowing plenums to be sprayed in any colour to blend in with other HVAC services. 

The smooth look of our galvanised steel plenums is a favourite choice when architects are looking to achieve an industrial, open space environment and a cool-look alternative to ABS plastic plenums.

 Our customers have made Duct-IN their preferred manufacturer on the market.


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