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About Us
About Duct-in

Duct-IN was formed in 2020 firstly to support Air Conditioning Engineers with a fast and reliable service for supply and return air plenums. We found engineers did not have the time to be searching through data books to provide dimensions of ducted units and then arrange manufacture. Instead Duct-IN worked in the background to collate the data from the leading air conditioning manufacturers in the UK. This has been a big hit with customers, with a click of a button an engineer can select by air conditioning manufacturer and model the right plenum for the job. With the state-of-the-art plasma cutter, Duct-IN can ensure manufacturing accuracy to the mm for all plenums.

Duct-IN has quickly evolved, mainly due to customer demand and the owner’s passions. Air Conditioning Engineers were quickly asking for ventilation ducting, flex and grilles to accompany the plenums. We decided to supply a complete package, once again saving engineers’ time.

Duct-IN’s owners’ passion to improve indoor air quality for new and existing homes quickly led to a partnership with Nuaire one of the UK’s leading ventilation manufacturers. Duct-IN became a Nuaire Residential UK
approved distributor, this allows Duct-IN to supply Passive Input Ventilation, Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation and Extract Fan Systems. All of which supports a healthier environment for occupants.

Customer Service at Duct-IN – Owners who understand!With owners who are ex engineers and HVAC project managers it has given us first-hand experience to help assist engineers. Above all communication is crucial for engineers, it ensures projects run on time and on budget. All enquiries are actioned within 24 hours and we can provide technical support from start to finish.

Grille Box Plaster Board
Fan Coil Plenum Box