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Nuaire Domestic Extract Fan Range

Nuaire Extract Fan Range has been a big hit with UK customers. Duct-IN partnered with the Nuaire and are now the UK approved distributor of the Nuaire full residential range.  The Nuaire Cyfan is suited and specifically designed for use in wet room environments like poorly-ventilated bathrooms, kitchens, utility areas and WC‘s. 

You must remove dampness and condensation generated by cooking, washing to keep your home fresh and dry. Condensation can lead to mould if left untreated, resulting in unsightly moisture-damaged decoration and furnishings. You can choose continuous or intermittent extraction modes with the press of a button. Eliminate offensive odours in your home and create a pleasant environment for the whole family. 

Nuaire’s extraction fans can significantly reduce condensation accumulation in your property if your home is susceptible to condensation or has a problem with mould formation.  Installing an extraction fan will resolve the issue immediately and an engineer will fit your extract fan in one visit, making the whole process quick and easy.

Duct-IN has added Nuaire’s high-quality fans to its Residential Distribution Agreement. Nuaire units are known for their durability and effectiveness. These fans also don’t require the installation of ductwork, which many homeowners find inconvenient. 

Duct-IN can supply extract fans that can be installed in any size space providing effective dehumidifying in your home, preventing mould from developing and ensuring that your environment is always dry and comfortable. 

Nuaire pioneered the air purifier industry with its high-quality products. Over the decades, Nuaire has introduced numerous technologies that have changed how air is treated and purified. It produces devices that have set the standard by combining high-end performance with energy-efficient ventilation.

Duct-IN offers a wide range of Nuaire products for all your air supply needs and in keeping with Duct-IN’s vision of improving indoor air quality for households all over the UK.

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