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Air Conditioning Plenums

Duct-IN set out to firstly support Air conditioning Engineers with a fast and reliable service for supply and return air plenums. We found engineers did not have the time to be searching through data books to provide dimensions of ducted units and then arrange manufacture. Instead Duct-IN worked in the background to collate the data from the leading air conditioning manufacturers in the UK. This has been a big hit with customers, with a click of a button an engineer can select by air conditioning manufacturer and model the right plenum for the job. With the state-of-the-art plasma cutter, Duct-IN can ensure manufacturing accuracy to the mm for all plenums.

Multiple options are available to customers which can include top, bottom, either side entry discharge or return, diameter of spigot and with the option for round or oval spigots. The plenums can be internally or externally lagged, this can prevent moisture build up and has sound deadening properties. 

A big trend with architects at the minute is the industrial feel with open ceilings, a galvanised steel plenum is perfect in keeping as opposed to ABS plastic plenums. Another benefit of working with Duct-IN is we can provide a powder coating service, allowing plenums to be sprayed to any colour required by a client. This helps to blend in with other HVAC services and makes it more aesthetically pleasing for the client.